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Few of us have the luxury, time or support to pick and choose our causes.  I am fortunate at this time in my life to have all three.  Thanks to a relatively thrifty lifestyle, a frugal wife and a fortunate career path, I do not have to fear the wolf at my door.

Thanks to my involvement in some great industry organizations, I have the resources and contacts to stay current in knowledge of very complex health care issues.  Since I remain active in all those organizations I have the satisfaction of contributing to change.  One of the ways I do that is by contributing to journals, such as Beacon, the Journal of the Association of Dental Consultants.

Also, since 2003, I have been a participant or observer of the ADA Code Maintenance Committee process, which sets the standard for reporting and tracking dental services.  I initiated a course in Quality Assurance assessment of dental offices that has national prominence and more than 100 currently certified consultants.

I have been fortunate enough to have assisted several Dental Plans in various ways since I retired from WellPoint, and look forward to opportunities to assist you in the future.

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