D E (Dee) FitzGerald, DDS, MBA, MS(IA)

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I’m Dee FitzGerald

Fortunate enough to be living in my “giving back” years.  I am a second generation Dentist, dedicated to a profession that has provided a nice life to me, my family and the family to which I was born.

Since I retired from a full-time position, I have used my experience and contacts in the business community to contribute to positions on many of the current issues, vital to our profession.  Some of these contributions have been to trade organizations, some to organized Dentistry and some to Federal and private organizations, which provide dental services.

I am proud of these accomplishments and invite you to review them on these pages.  Hopefully, you may find a way I might assist you in your endeavors.  Let me suggest some of the differentiating factors I bring to the table:

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D E (Dee) FitzGerald, DDS, MBA, MS(IA)
Dental & Management Consulting
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Contact Me: (949) 458-8664

  • More than 20 year’s experience in the Insurance Industry on a National Platform
  • 24/7 availability with no vested interests in analysis or advice
  • Research time, unobstructed by daily demands
  • No need for benefits or bonuses
  • A broad group of contacts and knowledge
  • A proven history of results
  • A National, unsullied reputation
  • No conflict of interest, other than philosophical